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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Fixing : An unexpected error occurred:latmap-stream/-/flatmap-stream-

Hello All,

As you come on this page then I am sure that you got the following error while running yarn install

An unexpected error occurred: " Request failed \"404 Not Found\"".

This is not a yarn bug, it's due to the removal of the malicious code in the flatmap package used to steal bitcoin funds from Copay wallets. The fix is to find any packages that depend on andevent-stream update them. In my case it was,nodemon and the most recent update removes the event-stream dependency.

So you can do the following steps to fix this:

  • Go into yarn global folder: cd ~/.config/yarn/global/ (or wherever yarn global files present)
  • Search for flatmap- in current folder: grep -R flatmap-* ./
  • Manually and recursively remove all folders that contain it, e.g.: 
rm -rf ./node_modules/flatmap-stream ./node_modules/event-stream, etc.
  • Now remove above modules from the current project directory as well.
rm -rf ./node_modules/flatmap-stream

rm -rf ./node_modules/event-stream

  • Remove yarn lockfile: rm yarn.lock
  • Rebuilt yarn by typing a command, e.g. yarn global list

That's it now it should run properly.

Comment if you still facing the issue.

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