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Sunday, 5 July 2020

macOS unrar file using terminal

Hello Guys,

Whenever you download some .rar file on your mac & you want to unzip/unrar it, macOS doesn't have a default unrar, so let's check how to do this.

macOS unrar file using terminal

Homebrew installed on your macOS.

Now we are ready to install the required software on our macOS, just run following command to install unrar tool.

brew install unrar

You can check whether its installed or not by running following command:

$ unrar

so it will print all available commands with it.
now let's take an example you want to unrar file names MyApp.rar
so following command will help you to unrar it.
$ unrar x MyApp.rar

It will create a new folder with MyApp name & also with all files & folders inside it.

macOS unrar file using terminal

so this way it will unrar the file using the terminal. 
I hope now can you can install & run above commands to unrar the files. 
Please let me know in comments if you have any queries.

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